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Advanced POS Technology for Jewelry Stores and Watch Sellers

It makes no difference whether you sell high-end jewelry and luxury watches, or items made by local artisans, when it comes to getting the most from your Point of Sale system, there’s simply no room for outdated technology. RMH Store was uniquely developed to address many of the POS challenges that today’s jewelers face, offering entirely new levels of sales productivity.

With a wealth of built-in features and innovative management tools, RMH Store allows today’s thriving jewelry and watch stores to manage inventory and sales with greater control, while putting a wide range of tools right at your fingertips. Create promotions and customer reward programs effortlessly, view and manage stock in real time, verify item accuracy, check order status and much more. It’s the next generation of POS technology for jewelers who truly shine.

Benefits for Jewelers and Watch Stores


RMH Store comes standard with a wide range of powerful tools that make managing high-end inventories less time-consuming and more accurate, simplifying the way you manage stock.


Though it’s packed with a vast array of advanced features, our POS technology integrates seamlessly into most systems and was uniquely designed to be incredibly easy to learn.


With RMH Store, you can implement custom loyalty programs to reward your most valued customers for even stronger repeat sales. Customize accounts, reward guidelines and more!

Advanced Features for Jewelers and Watch Stores

RMH Store is teeming with technology designed to streamline the way today’s jewelry stores and watch sellers operate and manage sales. Get real-time snapshots of your current inventory and out-of-stock items, create detailed reports, and roll-out or adjust in-store promotions with ease.

Integrated technology that allows you to easily create and manage loyalty and reward programs, based on a full spectrum of variables for even stronger engagement.

RMH Store features a user-friendly matrix layout that makes product searches more accurate and less stressful, a must have for those with complex inventories.

The freedom to look-up items in the manner that’s most convenient to you. Search by manufacturer, designer, sizes and model numbers to ensure unmatched accuracy.

RMH Store’s POS interface is configured with keyboard, scanner or touchscreen input, and personalized quick-access buttons to expedite popular items and functions.

Running a sale, promoting a new item or hosting an in-store event? RMH Store comes standard with features that let you implement more engaging store promotions.

RMH Store makes it easy to offer your customers the most diverse payment method options. Easily integrate today’s newest and most secure forms of digital payment.

Discover the Jewelry Industry’s Most Innovative POS Solution

If you’re ready for a POS system that’s specifically tailored to address the ongoing needs of your jewelry or watch store, we invite you to discover how powerful, rewarding and easy to use RMH Store can be. Get in touch today to schedule a free demonstration!

Retail is Always Changing, so You Need a Flexible POS Solution

Interested in seeing first hand how our RMH Store software can benefit your business? Request a demo to get started.

Whether you’re a thriving start-up or a long-time Microsoft RMS partner or user, we invite you to discover the simplicity, functionality, and security that makes Retail Management Hero™ one of the industry’s most sought-after retail POS solutions.

Contact us today to schedule a free demo or learn more about how our innovative software suite can help make your retail operation more effective and easy to manage.