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Extensions Create Opportunities

New West has a suite of Retail Management Hero extensions to enhance your environment. From inventory management and shipping to discounts and payment processing, our catalog of add-on apps can tailor RMH to fit your needs! Most extensions are available for trial from our downloads page.

RMH Extensions List:

Modern Suite

We’re taking inventory control for RMH and RMH Central into the future. Functions include Inventory Count (Stock Take), Purchase Orders with Predictive Ordering Guidance, Label Printing, Inter-store Transfers, Item Lookup, and Item Edit and more. MMS is device agnostic, compatible with desktop, tablet, and smartphones whether Windows, Android or iOS. We can get you started today!

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QuickShip UPS

QuickShip UPS for RMH takes the hassle out of shipping by simplifying your order fulfillment process and integrating UPS shipping with your RMH point of sale system. Let’s make your shipping processes more efficient!

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Age Verification

New West’s Age Verification add on for RMH utilizes driver’s license or state ID barcode technology to verify your customer’s age with a simple scan. Add functionality to Retail Management Hero to confirm the age of your customer when they’re purchasing regulated products like beer, wine, tobacco, and cannabis. Start setting requirements and maintaining an audit trail now!

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SpotLight for RMH is an extension to help you manage promotions within the Retail Management Hero software. Utilize scheduling and discount themes like BOGO, Buy X get Y, and so much more. We can help you manage your discounts more effectively!

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About New West Technologies

At New West Technologies, our focus is retail and we’re passionate about your point of sale solutions, processes and requirements. When you’re looking for a reduction in redundancy, better inventory tracking, and clear reporting, our point of sale solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. While some point of sale providers spread themselves thin, our foundation is in retail and that’s what we do best. Our tight-knit, knowledgeable, and agile team can make big changes easier, transitions smoother, and give your retail team the tools to increase sales, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.