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Show shoppers what’s in your store with Pointy from Google.

Every day, shoppers are researching products online. Attract these shoppers to your physical store by displaying your products on Google.

Pointy Features / Products

Pointy Page

A Pointy Page is an online catalog for your store showing important information like your products, opening hours, contact details and directions. The Pointy Page is attractive to shoppers and easy to navigate so that they can find all the information they need to come in-store to buy from you. It’s hosted and maintained by Pointy so no work is required on your part – all you have to do is scan your products, same as you every other day.

See What’s In Store

See What’s in Store allows you to display the products you stock on your Business Profile on Google Maps and Search. It also gives you a better chance of showing up in relevant search results for your store and products. With SWIS, shoppers can browse your products to see if you have what they want.

Local Inventory Ads

Local Inventory Ads are highly visual product ads that can show up in search results on Google when someone nearby searches for a product you stock. This optional premium feature is a two-click solution and it’s only available to businesses with a physical store so it’s a great way to show local people what you sell. To create ads for all your products, all you need to do is set your budget and location.

You also get access to an easy-to-understand dashboard where you can see the searches shoppers have used to find your store and your most viewed products.

Learn More

Pointy is a free download for Retail Management Hero users. Install the app and when you scan your products, Pointy matches the UPC barcode to an image and product name and uploads them to Google. Your products then have the opportunity to be found on Google on the Business Profile and in search results

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