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Retail Realm

Retail Realm

Retail Realm is a multinational software development and distribution company that provides innovative end-to-end ERP and POS management solutions and services for retail and hospitality.

Supported by Retail Realm, Payment Bridge for RMH offers an ever-expanding list of integrated payment processing around the world. Covering 70 + payment providers in over 125 countries, the Payment Bridge offers you the choice of providers and hardware best suited for your business.

Retail Realm Mobile Device Support

Retail Realm supports the following functions for RMH users via mobile devices. Mobile Inventory Counting now integrates seamlessly with the RMH Stock Taking program. Retail Realm new products are on Android but continue to support the previous functionality and devices of the RMS clients who use Mobile Bridge for inventory counting:

Android 6+ PDA Inventory Counting devices with scanner (current version support)

Nordic ID PiccoLink devices (current version supported, end of life)

Microsoft Pocket PC devices (current version supported, end of life)

Other functionalities include price checking items and printing on Bluetooth mobile printers. Ranging, which prints shelf labels in the order in which the merchandise is on the shelf. Receiving products from RMH Purchase Orders and Transfer Ins.

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Archive Bridge

Retail Management Hero Store and Central are developed using Microsoft SQL technology. The system is released with SQL Express which is free to the user. However, it has technical restrictions that make it unsuitable for large scale deployments or where there may be more than a small number of POS terminals. As the database grows, the application response speed decreases.

Archive Bridge copies old data from the main database to an archive database and cleans the main data by deleting the old data and compacting the database to a smaller, manageable size to improve the response speed of the main database. The archived data is always available for retrieval.