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RMH for you iPhone, iPod or iPad: RMH iPOS

RMH iPOS is an intuitive, highly sophisticated mobile POS and stock control solution that is simple to use and is fully integrated with RMH. In addition to processing sales, RMH iPOS provides the ability to create and receive Transfers, Purchase Orders and perform Stock Takes / Physical Inventory.

RMH for you iPhone, iPod or iPad: RMH iPOS

Mobile POS & Stock Management

  • RMH iPOS provides a mobile Point of Sale (POS) that can be used for Queue Busting, a mobile salesperson or a pop-up store. Sales are fully integrated into the RMH database and can be recalled in RMH’s windows POS application.
  • Manage stock where the stock is located, rather than where the computer is located. Being able to scan and issue stock when picked from the shelf or storeroom and receive stock in the loading bay or when placing on display or in the storeroom, saves time and significantly improves accuracy.
  • Performing Stock Takes / Physical Inventory where the stock is located also saves significant time and improves accuracy.


Work Online with Real-time synchronization to your store RMH database, or Offline, where the transactions can be synchronized at a later when connected to the network again.

Performs as a Mobile POS, processing sales transactions, quotations or Work Orders, including the selection or creation of customers.

Sales put on Hold or completed can be recalled in the Windows RMH POS application and visa versa.

Manage stock, through receiving Purchase Orders, or receiving or sending Stock Transfers (including Inter-store transfers)

Integrates with Barcode Scanners from SocketMobile or Infinite Peripherals.

Scan barcodes or search for the item by SKU/PLU or description.

Works with an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Interfaces to Credit Card Pin Pads from PayPal and Shift4.


RMH iPOS provides and elegant, robust and intuitive solution. It is proudly developed by Advantage Solutions using native iOS development tools.

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You can also find the latest information about RMH iPOS here.