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x2x ecommerce

Easily Integrate eCommerce

With Your Retail Management Hero Solution!

x2x ecommerce RMH online store solution to upload categories, matrix and simple products from RMH to ecommerce and Download orders from online store manually and/or automatically.

x2x ecommerce Benefits

Easily Integrate eCommerce with your ERP/POS Solution:

Reliable ecommerce– RMH suite allows you to easily manage your ecommerce data from Retail Manager Hero.

x2x RMH eCommerce Product Manager:

Upload products, departments, categories, images, attributes, variants and SEO information from RMH to ecommerce.

Automatic or Manual Integration:

Setup a scheduler to transfer the data between RMH and ecommerce automatically through a scheduler or on demand.

RMH eCommerce Order Manager:

Allows you to choose the payment and order status of ecommerce order to download. Create customers, payment methods and taxes on the fly.

Integrate with Store or Headquarter/Central:

Upload items and other related information from RMS Headquarter or RMH Central or store. Order is downloaded to Stores.

About x2x ecommerce

x2x-eCommerce has been offering innovative eCommerce solutions since 2015. Backed by Accsoft Inc., a company that comes with 17 years of software expertise, it has provided solutions to a variety of businesses of different domains.

x2x-eCommerce delivers a top-notch cloud based eCommerce + ERP integration suite that boosts and simplifies your need to sell online. It is fully loaded with Retail Management Hero Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP that offers a perfect omni channel solution for Business to Business and Business to Consumer market.

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