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x2x RMH Accounting Suite

x2x RMH Accounting Suite

Easily Transfer Retail Management Hero Data Into Your Accounting Software!

x2x RMH Accounting Suite provides one and bi-directional data transfer between RMH and RMH Central and your accounting and ERP software.

x2x RMH Accounting Suite Solution Benefits

Keep your financial records up to date

Convenient general entry to accounting system

Update RMH items and prices from accounting system

Sync customer balances between RMH and ERP

Work with RMH and RMH Central

Sync item quantities between RMH and ERP

About x2x RMH Accounting Suite

x2x RMH Accounting integration enables you to regularly update and maintain your accounting records. x2x RMH GL Suite update GL data of many well-known accounting software from RMH.

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